Body in Balance

Reach full balance by hiking in nature

November 30, 2016

Body in balance

November 03, 2016

Tips for ultralight flashlights for camping

LED flashlights can be very powerful these days. A ultralight flashlight can do very well for the outdoors, as well as a keychain flashlight.

October 17, 2016

Hiking Circuit Workout

If you have hiked before, you know that you need to be in shape in order to be able to finish your hike with no injury whatsoever.

With only 10 minutes of efficient workout, you can gain strength, flexibility and anaerobic endurance that can improve your hiking performance.

First of all, you should start with some stretching as this lowers the risks for injury when hiking and keeps at distance muscle imbalances. It also speeds up the recovery from a difficult previous hike and you should pay more attention to the calf, hamstring, inner thigh, quads and IT band.

When preparing for your hike, you should use intervals to redline your cardio also. Try the high-intensity interval training that combines short bursts of intense exercise with a recovery period.

TRX suspension training is also a workout to use for your hiking preparation. You can either get the TRX suspension trainer or check your local gym for one. TRX is good as it works the back of your legs, not only the front like other types of training.

A circuit training builds up strength and good series of exercises performed in a row, without any rest, involve every major hiking muscle and improve your cardio in less than 10 minutes.

Don’t hesitate to try dynamic flexibility circuit anytime you have 10 minutes to improve your hiking endurance.

Keep in mind to work on your balance also. Focus on stronger ankles, knees and hips with balance step-ups so that you find easier balance while you’re hiking.

Last, but not least, always visualize your next hike. Seeing is believing and part of any success is the visualization of the performance. Use imagery in your training for hiking and use as many details as you can while doing it.